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We offer car tinting, paint protection, lambo doors, car audio, car alarms, wheels & tires, glass window tinting, decorative window film and safety film.

Clear BraFirstCut® Paint Protection Film is a clear urethane film which when applied to your vehicles surface reduces damage caused by rocks, bugs and other road debris. Small objects literally bounce off the surface without leaving costly paint chips to repair.  It also helps maintain the value of your car and helps preserve its appearance.

Paint Protection Film has been the invisible barrier successfully protecting the valuable exterior appearance for some of the most precious cars in the world for many years.

FirstCut® has been tested and approved around the world with leading OEM’s such as Mercedes, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Ferrari, and Nissan.

Our paint protection films are strong and durable, and offer never before invisible paint protection for your vehicle. Tony's Auto Salon 's clear bra kits are precisely pre-cut to fit the contours of your car. Our clear car bra films are typically applied to the impact zones on vehicles parts such as hoods, fenders, side mirrors, bumpers, grills, rocker panels, headlights covers, floodlights, car door protection.

FirstCut has been tested worldwide with results that prove our product is the strongest and clearest paint protection film on the market today.

  • UV Stable
  • 100% Protection
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Highest Optical Clarity
  • Can Be Washed & Waxed
  • Protection From Gravel & Bugs
  • Computer-Cut For A Perfect Fit
  • Leaves No Residue When Removed



Typical Value

Typical Value (Metric)

Test Method

Product Thickness Total

8.5 mils

215.9 microns


Thickness (Carrier)

6.5 mils

165.1 microns


Thickness (Adhesive)

2.0 mils

50.8 microns


Thickness (Liner)

3.0 mils

76.2 microns


Peel Adhesion

60 oz/in



Shear Strenght

>168 hours

>168 hours


Tensile Strenght

54 lb/in

240.3 N/25mm




760 %


Minimum Continous Temperature

-10 °F

-23 °F


Minimum Continous Temperature

212 °F

100 °F


Minimum Intermittent Temperature


116 °F




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